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About Us

Zahbulls Holsteins is owned and operated by the Zabel family in Plainview, Minnesota. Matt Zabel, the fourth generation of Zabel dairy farmers, returned from the UW-Madison Farm & Industry Short Course with a keen interest of registered Holsteins. Striving for genetic excellence has been a priority since day one, and Zahbulls is regularly flushing to keep up to date with the very best bulls. The farm currently milks 400 cows, which are housed in a sand-bedded free stall barn, and owns 300 young stock.

In 2013, Matt and his wife, Emily became partners in Zahbulls Holsteins, LLC. Matt oversees and manages everything on the dairy while Emily does the book keeping, feeds calves and helps out wherever necessary.  Matt’s father, Tim, does a lot of the fixing and shop work on the farm and hauls manure. Now that Matt is managing the everyday operation that allows Tim and his wife, Tammie, to enjoy traveling and spending time with their grandchildren.

We have been extremely proud of the great opportunities that registered Holsteins have brought to the farm. Between exporting embryos, signing bull contracts, consignments, or privately selling animals, each step of the registered business has been a pleasure to be a part of. Meeting and working with such extraordinary people has made the process even more rewarding.


Matt and Emily Zabel with their children Ruby, Heston and Marni

zabels for zahbulls

Tammie Zabel, Megan Zabel Holmes, Dan Holmes, and Tim Zabel