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March 22, 2012



by zabel20

2022 Dairy Star article

2017 Mexican National Holstein Show

1st place Junior Three Year Olds
2017 Mexican National Holstein Show
Eduardo Garcia Frias

Dairy Star article July 27, 2015

Our Zahbulls Facebook Post

We’re so grateful for the support we’ve received from our community following the story that KTTC aired last night about our attempt to sustain our 4th generation family dairy farm.

Unfortunately, KTTC didn’t do much in the way of fact-checking. They insinuated that Tim tried to side step the township by moving the vote to the county, which is not true. The town board deemed the issue a conflict of interest back in May, and Tim agreed.

We could go on about the information they got wrong, or left out of the story completely.

The bottom line is that we are doing our best to continue to do what our family has done, and has loved doing for over 80 years. Farming is in our DNA. In order to ensure that we can keep at it, we need to adapt to a changing dairy business climate. The encroaching growth of the city of Plainview around our existing farm eliminates our ability to expand there. Our best option to stay in business is to build a new facility on land that we’ve operated for 30+ years.

From the start we’ve worked closely with state and county agencies to create a thoughtful, sustainable plan that offers only benefit and growth to our community. We’ve farmed in this area for generations, and we want our children to have the same opportunity.

People lament the looming extinction of the family farm, but these same folks are quick to object to changes that ensure these farms can stay in business. What’s more important – an unobstructed view of our farmland, or our ability to continue farming, period?

Thank you again, to all of you who’ve shared our story and reached out to us with your support. We’re going to do whatever we can to keep doing this job that we love, in this place that we love.

February Classification Results!

Sully Hart 140 EX90  92MS

Zahbulls SS Genova VG86   87MS

Larcrest Chariot VG85  87MS

Hendel Bronco Tisha VG87  88MS

No-Fla Paradise 33729 GP83  84MS

February 2015 Genomics

Zahbulls 1stClass Year GTPI 2670……#3 Alta1stClass Female!!!     Alta1stClass x No-Fla Paradise 33729

Zahbulls Yoder Elm GTPI 2609    Yoder x Numro Uno Emily

Zahbulls MegaSire Magic GTPI 2563    MegaSire x No-Fla Paradise 33729

Zahbulls 1stClass Win GTPI 2522    Alta1stClass x No-Fla Paradise 33729

Zahbulls 1stClass Electra GTPI 2501    Alta1stClass x Zahbulls Oak ETA

Zahbulls 1stClass Rebel GTPI 2481    Alta1stClass x No-Fla Paradise 33729

Zahbulls 1stClass Holiday GTPI 2459    Alta1stClass x No-Fla Paradise 33729

October 2014 Genomics

Zahbulls Montross Creep-ET GTPI 2514
Zahbulls Kado Grassy GTPI 2461
Zahbulls Racer X-ET GTPI 2451
Zahbulls Racer Me-ET 2417

May Genomics

#1 bull in the world! Zahbulls Flame Gogebic GTPI 2654, Flame x Genova #2 bull, May run Zahbulls Halogen Giant GTPI 2574, Halogen x Glamour

September Genomics

Zahbulls Jerod Rosa -ET GTPI 2481    Jerod x RJR Hill 2737 Zahbulls Jerod Rona-ET GTPI 2476    Jerod x RJR Hill 2737………Sells at the World Classic Zahbulls Shan Cora Lee-ET GTPI 2347     Shan x O-Style Chilli

August Proofs

Number Two on the Genomic Young Bulls List: Zahbulls Supersire Ace 424-ET GTPI 2599 Number Three on Genomic Young Bulls List : Zahbulls Alta First Class-ET GTPI 2597

April 9, 2013

#1 Genomic Young Sire, Zahbulls Uno Gulliver GTPI 2620! Numero Uno x Zahbulls Dorcy Glamour Zahbulls Uno Emily GTPI 2455 Numero Uno daughter of Blue Horizon Plan-Edith! Zahbulls Highway Mara GTPI 2300, Highway x Sully Hart 140 Zahbulls Lexor Glad GTPI 2298, Lexor x Dorcy Glamour

New Classification Results October 12, 2012!

Sapa-Ska Toystory Courtney EX92 Zahbulls Super Cloudy, daughter of Courtney is now GP83! Johnan Toystory Glitter EX90 Hendel Bronco Tisha 3175 GP83 85MS!

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